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Stud/ Foaling Services 

Here at Willowsway Stud we offer a variety of different stud services, these include our stallions at stud, as well as onsite AI services, visiting Mares, foaling down services, dummy training and collection services. We also have limited spaces for other stallions to stand at stud with us.


Foaling Services 

Here at Willowsway we have state of the art foaling facilities, combined with years of on hand experience from our dedicated staff team. Our foaling facilities include large double foaling stables, a foaling barn for those mares that require even more space, and an outdoor foaling paddock for mares that don’t cope well with being stabled or prefer to foal outside.  All our foaling areas are covered by CCTV and are monitored closely day and night. We also have an on-site foal watch room to ensure staff can be out in seconds to assist with foaling if necessary. During the day your mares can  be turned out on paddocks surrounding the estate where they will be closely monitored and checked regularly.

Your mare will have the very best care whilst at Willowsway, being looked after by our experienced staff team and also our excellent veterinary specialists. 


Stallions at Stud 

We have a variety of different stallions at stud all of which come from proven bloodlines on both side of their pedigree. When choosing stallions, we always ensure they have the best qualities and attributes of their breed combined with top class pedigrees, and proven competition records. All our stallions are graded with their relevant breed societies. They are all tested free from CEM & EVA each year. Please check out each stallion’s individual page for their full details and stud fees.


Visiting Mares 

We offer a range of different stud packages, and together with North West Equine Vets we are able to offer a full breeding service for your mare. As well as taking visiting mares to our own stallions at stud we are also able to take visiting mares for AI from outside Stallions, from both chilled and frozen semen. 

We have a qualified and dedicated stud team with years of experience between them. 


AI Services 

Fresh & Chilled semen collection and distribution. 

Onsite AI Technicians 


Standing Your Stallion At Stud

Each year we have availability to take on outside stallions to stand at stud. All stallions receive the very best of care from our qualified and experienced staff team. We have state of the art stabling and facilities and stallions have the option of daily turnout, walker or ridden work if required. We can effectively market your stallion, with professional images and promotional content. 


Dummy Training/ Collecting 

Here at Willowsway we offer packages for stallion dummy training. Typically a stallion requires 3 - 4 days but this varies and is subject to stallion libido. 

Please see our stud charges for prices/ more information. 

AI Nomination Form 2024

Livery Stud Fees/Stallion Fees 2024

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