Spa Days/ Clipping Services 


Why Do We Clip?

  • Clipping is beneficial to horses that will be worked throughout the winter because it prevents the horse from becoming too sweaty and overheating.

  • Competition 

  • Clipping can also help the overweight horse. Horses who are overweight can be clipped to help them drop a few pounds over the colder months. 

  • Keeping the legs and fetlocks clipped can help prevent conditions such as mud fever as the mud will have no hair to cling onto

  • Horses with some health conditions, for example, Cushings disease, may be unable to shed out their winter coat in the spring, so clipping does this for them 

when to clip

Most horses are clipped in September or October. however, depending on the amount of work you do with your horse and the breed; will depend on when you will want/need to clip. Some competition horses are clipped all year round to keep them cool, minimise sweating and keep them looking neat and tidy.

Here at Willowsway Stud & Rehabilitation we offer a number of clipping packages to suit your horses individual requirements. 

Equine Spa Day - Includes Full Clip, Bath, dry off under solarium lights, hot oil and TheraPlate Session to finish. (Drop your horse off in the morning and pick him/her up at a time to suit you) - £70


Just a clip - £45

Blended legs/ legs off - £10 

Mane pulling - £10

Tail Pulling - £20

Add a Treadmill session for just £20

Activio Massage Rug - £10

  • Cover Coat clips available

  • Specialist in leg blending

  • Clipped horses/ ponies that have won at HOYS

  • All types of clips available to suit your horses needs

  • Patient and kind manor, can deal with difficult/ nervous horses.


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