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ECB Aqua Water Treadmill (With Incline & Chiller) 


The ECB Aqua is an indispensable supplement for the training, fitness and rehabilitation of horse. Training on the water treadmill has been proven to enhance both endurance and power. 

Water depth, belt incline and belt speed are used to provide a controlled environment for the rehabilitation of many injuries such as spinal conditions and injuries of the extremities. 

Development of specific muscle groups can be expedited and buoyancy lowers the high pressure acting on the skeleton and tendons. Movement against the pressure of the water motivates the horse to increase their natural movement pattern. This leads to more use of the back and rear part muscles creating a stronger top line, more balance and coordination. 



TheraPlate uses small, circular movements to stimulate muscle contraction and increase circulation. TheraPlate works form inside out to yield powerful results with no negative impacts on the joints. TheraPlate has many benefits, and helps to aid in rehabilitation as well as performance and condition. 

Benefits of TheraPlate:

  • Up to 50% reduced healing time 

  • Helps to maintain muscle mass even when resting 

  • Used for injury prevention 

  • Safe to use when lame or even after surgery 

  • supports pain free movement 

  • Supports joint mobility & flexibility 

  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Decreases swelling and inflammation 

  • Supports effective warm up and cool down 

  • Builds and supports lean muscle tone 

  • Encourages improved joint, ligament and tendon function

The Activio-Med Combi Pro Rug & Leg Wraps

The Combi Pro rug is a dual therapy rug, combining powerful pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) with deep massage. It covers the main muscle groups in the horse from poll to tail, and can be used daily to support your horses performance. It is excellent for horses undergoing rehabilitation or with specific stiffness injuries or just for general maintenance. 

The main benefits of the rug include: 

  • Improved muscle tone and overall condition 

  • Improved flexibility and suppleness 

  • Relaxation of sharp or tense horses

  • Aids the treatment of many injuries and conditions

The Activio-Med Laser System

Wave-Light-Pulse Therapy can be used far a variety of different things such as muscular, tendon and ligament injuries, bumps, bruises, cuts, wounds, arthritis, fractures and splints.

Uses for the Activio-Med Pro rug, leg wraps and laser system:

Kissing spine, Sacroiliac issues, Cold/Sore Back, Tight Hamstrings, Stifle Problems, Hock Issues, Suspensory Problems, Windgalls & Swellings, Bumps, Bruises, Wounds, Tendon & Ligament issues, Arthritis, Tight Shoulders and Poll Tightness.


Rehabilitation & Fitness

Here at Willowsway Stud & Rehabilitation we offer a variety of different rehabilitation and fitness packages to suit a range of requirements. When it comes to rehabilitation we understand that not every horse is the same, and each horse will need to take a different approach to aid its recovery. Thats why we also offer bespoke packages that can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client and their horse. Working alongside our Physiotheraist and your Veterinary practitioner we alway aim to bring you a 5* service and provide your horse with the very best care.