Solaris Jakalino

13.2hh, Perlino Stallion

Homozygous Cream/Black 

SPSS Licensed 

Sire: KambarBay 

Dam: Finglebridge Fantastic Light 


Stud Fee: £450 + VAT NFFR (following year)

Jakalino is homozygous for the black and cream colour genes so he will always produce buckskin or smokey black offspring when bred to solid colour mares.


Jakalino is a willing and athletic young stallion of sport pony type that possesses all the desirable characteristics required to produce the next generation of sport ponies.

These characteristics of stamina, athleticism, speed and agility makes him a great choice for anyone wanting to breed event ponies in particular but also useful for adding quality and athleticism to heavier mares including cobs and larger natives.


As a foal Jakalino was awarded a First Premium by the Dutch inspectors at the SSH mare and youngstock evaluations with strong emphasis of praise for his length of limb, long lines and athleticism.


At his 2016 SPSS stallion evaluation he was described as a very pleasing athletic colt with good overall conformation, good rhythm and ground cover in canter and very good use of the shoulder with uphill tendency in trot.

At home he has shown exceptional talent for jumping, with excellent technique and an abundance of scope.




Kambarbay (Sire)

Kambarbay is a pure bred Akhal Teke (AT), a breed famous for great stamina, intelligence, speed, agility & bravery, all characteristics very much sought after for eventing, endurance and all round sport horses. He is a popular choice with breeders world wide that compete at the highest FEI levels in eventing  & endurance. Kambarbay has competition results in British Dressage, Eventing & Showjumping currently competing with Wayne Garrick. His sire, Kuvvatli was trained for dressage and show-jumping prior to retiring to stud duties (as he was recommended for breeding due to his very rare and good pedigree) and his dam, Sonata, produced good and strong horses for sport that also have good AT type.


Finglebridge Fantatsic Light (Dam)
Finglebridge Fantastic Light, a Welsh Mountain Pony combines the influential bloodlines of Coed Coch, Waxwing, Randan & Gredington. Fantastic Light is also the dam of the successful ridden show pony, twice HOYS finalist and Royal Welsh First Ridden Champion Fosterhouses Romeo as well as the BYRDS fledgling pony Kilnstown Rebel currently competing in Scotland.


Cui Admiral (Dam Sire) 

Cui Admiral was bred by the long established Cui Stud in Wales who specialise in breeding hardy, true to type, sure footed & good moving ponies.


Randan Walter (Grand Dam Sire)

Randan Walter was a multiple champion pony in his own right and an influential sire with his progeny including the Supreme Champion lead rein pony Randan Tarrant and a multi Supreme Champion in the USA, Randan Absolutely Fabulous.