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ECB Aqua Treadmill 

ECB Aqua Water Treadmill (With Incline & Chiller) 


The ECB Aqua is an indispensable supplement for the training, fitness and rehabilitation of horse. Training on the water treadmill has been proven to enhance both endurance and power. 

Water depth, belt incline and belt speed are used to provide a controlled environment for the rehabilitation of many injuries such as spinal conditions and injuries of the extremities. 

Development of specific muscle groups can be expedited and buoyancy lowers the high pressure acting on the skeleton and tendons. Movement against the pressure of the water motivates the horse to increase their natural movement pattern. This leads to more use of the back and rear part muscles creating a stronger top line, more balance and coordination. 


Benefits of using the ECB Aqua Treadmill 

  • Safe and controlled environment (ideal as an alternative for hand walking)

  • Consistent speed

  • Horse works in straight lines

  • Improved joint mobility and increased range of motion

  • Buoyancy lowers the impact of the Skelton

  • Water levels increase stride length

  • Improves overall posture and balance

  • Development of specific muscle groups can be expedited with incline and water depth 

  • Improves core strength 

  • Reduces recovery time for some injuries 

  • Encourages lateral flection of the back 

  • Cold water reduces swelling and inflammation

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